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Shear Pruning Method for Evergreens

Host Casey Hentges shows us the third type of pruning method known as shearing and how this style of pruning can be used on a Christmas Jewel Holly evergreen shrub. Air date (02-20-21) #4734…

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Garden Tips to Look for in February

Laura Payne, Extension Associate and Oklahoma Gardening Field Producer, gives us some winter gardening advice for the months of February and March. Check out these fact sheets for more detailed…

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Espalier Fruit Trees is Easy!

Espalier is a fruit tree or ornamental shrub whose branches are trained to grow flat against a wall, supported on a lattice or a framework of stakes and Host Casey Hentges gives us some help on what…

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The True Indigo Plant for Natural Dyes

Host Casey Hentges shows off a true indigo plant, Indigofera tinctoria, that's growing in The Botanic Garden at OSU. The natural indigo dye that we collect actually comes from the leaves! …

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The Vitex Blue Puffball

In this episode of Oklahoma Gardening Host Casey Hentges has a showy shrub called the Vitex 'Blue Puffball' Chaste Tree. Don't let the name fool you, it is a shrub! Airdate…

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Scratch Testing Bark

Today on Oklahoma Gardening Host Casey Hentges is out in the garden scratching trunks and stems to see what has overwintered. Airdate (04/11/20) #4641 Questions? To find out more information…

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The Effects of Fire in Oklahoma

This video looks at how fire has been a historic part of the southern landscape, and how frequency and season of the burn can help modern land owners meet their goals and objectives.