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Peanut Butter and Sweet Potato Stew

First Host Casey Hentges is at the Mother's Garden outside the Atherton Hotel at OSU, to take a look at and dig up some peanuts grown on campus. Then Extension Food Specialist, Barbara Brown,…

From  Elizabeth Brock on October 22nd, 2020 0  

Growing 'Pea Soup' Algae in your Pond??

Mike Miller from Pond Pro Shops in Shawnee, OK has tips for managing single cell Pea Soup Algae that you might find in your water garden. Airdate (09/26/20) #4713 Questions? To find out more…

From  Elizabeth Brock on September 24th, 2020 0  

Cooking with Barb: Slow Cooker Beef and Cabbage

OSU Nutritionist, Barbara Brown has a slow cooker full of beef and cabbage. You can find this recipe and more on our website: Airdate (07-11-20) #4702…

From  Elizabeth Brock on August 6th, 2020 0  

Cooking with Barb: Green Bean and Ground Beef Stew

Extension Food Nutritionist, Barbara Brown, cooks us up some Green Bean and Ground Beef Stew. Yum! You can find this recipe on our website: Airdate…

From  Elizabeth Brock on May 1st, 2020 0  

"Make a Meal of IT"

In the United States, January is known as National Soup Month. In this episode, Chef Aaron Ware will be instructing you how to prepare the classic Italian soup Minestrone.

From  Kyle Lomenick on March 6th, 2018 0