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Tech Tips: Using Multiple Displays

On this Tech Tips, learn the basics of using an HDMI cable to connect a second monitor and where to find your display settings on a Mac or PC. Watch other Tech Tips videos at

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Tech Tips: Quick Search for Files

Don't know where a file was saved? Learn how to find it on your computer quickly by searching your hard drive.

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Tech Tuesday @ 2 Computer Architecture

Learn how to build your own computer from the ground up. View past Tech Tuesday @ 2 events and announcements at Find the OSU Libraries online at…

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CAS Major Profile: Computer Science

The College of Arts and Sciences offers more than 100 majors and countless ways for you to connect, achieve and succeed. To find out more, visit

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Tech Tuesday @ 2 Get GIFfy With It

Who doesn't love a great gif!? Learn how to make your own in this Tech Tuesday @ 2. Watch more Tech Tuesday @ 2 on

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Computer Science at Oklahoma State

Computer Science outstanding senior Alex Durville shares his passion for computers and his experience at OSU.

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Where Business Meets Health - Kyu Rhee on Augmented Intelligence

Dr. Ken Eastman, Dean of Spears Business, interviews Chief Health Officer if IBM Dr. Kyu Rhee on topics ranging from healthcare data analytics to augmented intelligence.

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CEAT Seminar Series: Quantum Computing

Dr. Subhash Kak discusses his research in quantum computing.

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3 Minute Thesis: Akhileshwar Guli

Akhileshwar Guli presents his research thesis in the 2015 3 Minute Thesis competition.

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Computer Science Faculty candidate - Tao

Computer Science Faculty candidate - Tao

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Computer Science Faculty candidate - Etemadpour

Computer Science Faculty candidate - Etemadpour

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Robotics Intelligence and its basis by Dr. Christopher Crick

Computer Science's Dr. Crick provides a talk on Robotic research at the department.

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OSU Computer Science robot spells out OSU (Okstate) to the OSU Al Mater music

Computer Science's Dr. Crick creates a robot that signs the letters O-S-U while OSU alma mater plays "O-S-U" at the end of the song.

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Ag Tech Class (4/27/13)

We showcase Brian Arnall's precision agriculture class and visit with senior Kaitlyn Nelson about the use of technology as she starts her career.

OSU Information security

Aaron Smith talks about computer safety at OSU including how to lock your computer, FERPA, HIPPA and GLB

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