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Harvesting Fennel and using it in a Fennel and Grape Salad

0:00 Harvesting Fennel Casey decides to harvest some of the fennel we have growing in the garden. Most people harvest the bulb of the fennel but the leaves and stems are edible as well and Casey…

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Dr. Kirksey OK-LSAMP PI End of Year message

OK-LSAMP Principal Investigator, Dr. Jason F. Kirksey provides an end of the year message for scholars. (AY 20-21)

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Propagating Your Tender Perennials

Host Casey Hentges is bringing in some tender perennials like Purple Sugarcane and Elephant Ears by propagating them through stem cutting and pups. Airdate (10/31/20) #4718 Questions? To find…

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Propagating Coleus through Stem Cutting

In this segment of Oklahoma Gardening Host Casey Hentges takes some stem cuttings from the garden to asexually propagate coleus to ensure that we have the same beautiful plants for next year. To…

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Iris Problems??

In this episode of Oklahoma Gardening Host Casey Hentges is dividing and transplanting irises in our garden to ensure of more irises to come next spring. Here’s four general tips if your irises…

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6 Parts of the Plant We Eat

OSU Extension Assistant Specialist, Shelley Mitchell, has some fun activities for children to explore the 6 different parts of the plant that we eat. Airdate (07/11/20) #4702 Questions? To find…

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Scratch Testing Bark

Today on Oklahoma Gardening Host Casey Hentges is out in the garden scratching trunks and stems to see what has overwintered. Airdate (04/11/20) #4641 Questions? To find out more information…

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Research on Tap: Addressing Science Education Through STEM.

Dr. Julie Angle, associate professor in the School of Teaching, Learning and Educational Sciences, discusses how STEM education is changing and the need for a a scientifically literate populace.

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Oklahoma State Science and Engineering Fair 2019

Oklahoma State University hosted more than 150 junior high and high school science, technology, engineering and mathematics students at the annual Oklahoma State Science and Engineering Fair March…

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4-H Partners with Google to Promote STEM Education

We learn how a recent Google grant to National 4-H could help Oklahoma 4-H members continue to build leadership skills.

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OSUTEACH IS A TRANSFORMATIVE INITIATIVE that will create the next generation of K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education professionals by providing mathematics and…

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SUNUP: First Hollow Stem Advisor

J.D. Carlson explains the benefits of using the Mesonet’s First Hollow Stem Advisor when planning to remove cattle from wheat pasture.