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Calving Simulator Education (2/27/21)

We learn how to pull a calf with Dr. Barry Whitworth and OSU Extension's calving simulator. For Extension fact sheets & more visit SUNUP is a production…

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Cold Weather & Property Loss Recuperation (2/27/21)

Amy Hagerman has information for producers who may have suffered property damage or loss during the recent cold weather. For more information visit…

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Cattle & Extreme Cold (02/20/21)

Paul Beck has information on managing cattle during extreme cold temperatures.

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Maintaining your Containers

In this episode of Oklahoma Gardening, Host Casey Hentges gets our containers and elevated beds cleaned out and ready for spring planting. To check your local weather and other weather statistics in…

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Dust to Floods: 25 years of the Oklahoma Mesonet

Watch the preview of 'Dust to Floods: 25 Years of the Oklahoma Mesonet.' Join us for the documentary premiere on OETA (PBS) on May 3, 2019 at 9:30 p.m. CST! The Oklahoma Mesonet is…

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SUNUP: Mesonet Weather (8/20/16)

Mesonet weather report, Al Sutherland says July may not have been as hot as you thought, but it was more humid.

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SUNUP: First Hollow Stem Advisor

J.D. Carlson explains the benefits of using the Mesonet’s First Hollow Stem Advisor when planning to remove cattle from wheat pasture.

SUNUP: Wheat First Hollow Stem

We talk with OkState Extensin Small Grains Specialist Jeff Edwards and OkState Extension Meteorologist J.D. Carlson about wheat, identifying first hollow stem and the Mesonet’s First Hollow…

SUNUP Full Show (11/08/14)

This week's segments: OQBN Sale, Livestock Marketing, Mesonet Weather, Market Monitor, Cow-Calf Corner, Metagenomics, GFSI Program and Ag Tourism.

SUNUP: Full Show May 31, 2014

This week's segments: Wheat Update, Canola Grading, Mesonet Weather, Livestock Marketing, Cow-Calf Corner, Market Monitor, Naturally Speaking and Food Whys.

SUNUP: Full Show April 26, 2014

This week's segments include: Freeze Damage/ Lahoma, Extension 100 Preview, Shop Stop, Food Whys, Mesonet Weather, Market Monitor, Cow-Calf Corner, and Greater Prairie Chickens