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Algae Control in Ponds and Water Gardens

Mike Miller from Pond Pro in Shawnee, explains to us how not all algae is bad in the pond and tells us what to look out for in our water gardens. Airdate (06/26/21) #4752 Questions? To find out…

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Weed Control With A Cover Crop (Jan. 30, 2021)

Josh Lofton tells us how a cover crop of canola and wheat is a possible way to help reduce weeds in fields. For Extension fact sheets & more visit SUNUP is a…

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Combating Algae in Stock Ponds

Mike Miller from Pond Pro Shops in Shawnee, OK has tips for managing algae in stock, farm ponds and large ornamental ponds. Airdate (10/17/20) #4716 Questions? To find out more information…

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Do NOT Mix Cleaners

OSU Extension Pesticide Coordinator, Kevin Shelton, identifies some household hazards to help stay safer at home. Did you know, that if your cleaning/disinfectant product has an EPA registration…

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A Guarantee to Pruning Trees

Urban & Community Forestry Coordinator, Mark Bays, has some useful tips on how to prune our trees. We go over the 3-Cut Technique and the Tree Pruning Checklist: make sure to remove the dead…

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Tech Tips: CTRL+C, V, X

Copy. Paste. Cut. Keyboard shortcuts you need to know. More tech tips can be found, right here, on

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Tech Tips: CTRL+F

Searching an online document just got easier. Control+F lets you find a word or phrases within an online document.

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OSU Shelter Medicine Symposium, Dr. Kimberly Carter, Infectious Disease Control on the Premises

Kimberly Carter s a Clinical Associate Professor in Shelter Medicine and Junior Surgery. Dr. Carter worked for many years as the shelter veterinarian of the city of Oklahoma City before coming to OSU…

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Equine Parasitology – Broad Thoughts for a Narrow Field by Dr. Craig Reinemeyer

Dr. Craig Reinemeyer, NCVP Board member and president of East Tennessee Clinical Research, Inc., talks about historical and future prospects in equine parasite control.

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SUNUP: Treating Cattle Lice

We travel to the OSU Wheat Pasture Research Station at Marshall to discuss lice infestation in cattle with Justin Talley and Steve Hisel.

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