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Learn How to Read Plant Labels

Bailey Lockhart, Horticulture Project Coordinator with Oklahoma Gardening, shows us how to read and navigate around a plant label so that you have the most information available when buying or…

From  Elizabeth Brock on August 31st, 2021 0  

Spring Pruning Espalier Trees

Spring is here and Host Casey Hentges takes another look at our espalier trees to see what kind of pruning needs to take place to ensure that design of horizontal cordons Airdate (05/29/21) #4748…

From  Elizabeth Brock on August 31st, 2021 0  

Look out for these June Horticulture Tips

Host Casey Hentges tells us a few tips to be aware of for the upcoming month of June and the warmer weather ahead. You can find more detailed and helpful tips on the OSU Fact Sheet website:…

From  Elizabeth Brock on August 31st, 2021 0  

Tree Preservation at Oklahoma's State Capitol

Mark Bays, Urban and Community Forestry Coordinator of Oklahoma Dept. of Ag, Food, and Forestry, stands outside the newly renovated visitor center of the Oklahoma State Capitol and shares with us the…

From  Elizabeth Brock on August 31st, 2021 0  

Horticulture Gardening Tips for the Month of May

Host Casey Hentges runs us through some general horticulture tips to be aware of in the month of May. Make sure to check out the OSU Fact Sheet website for more great information!…

From  Elizabeth Brock on August 31st, 2021 0  

How to Identify Freeze Damage on Turf

Turfgrass Freeze Damage Dennis Martin, Extension Turfgrass Specialist, talks us through and points out how we can identify freeze damage on turfgrass. Airdate (04/03/21) #4740 Questions? To…

From  Elizabeth Brock on August 31st, 2021 0  

How to Collect Soil Samples in Your Area

Host Casey Hentges goes through the process of collecting soil samples. As you come out of winter and before you spread your fertilizer, now is a great time to find out what nutrients are in your…

From  Elizabeth Brock on August 30th, 2021 0  

What to look for in Freeze Damaged Plants

We discuss an epic freeze that happened here in Oklahoma and talk about how the cold damage affects shrubs, woody, and non-native plants. Be sure to check out this fact sheet for more helpful…

From  Elizabeth Brock on August 30th, 2021 0  

Welcome to the Cohn Pet Care Facility

Take a virtual tour of the Cohn Pet Care Facility where you can board your pet or make arrangements for your furry friend to be cared for when you no longer can.

From  Derinda Blakeney on January 29th, 2021 0  

Safely Assessing Damage done to Trees

Oklahoma Service Forester, Riley Coy, with the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food, and Forestry, gives us tips and advice on how to safely assess the damage done to your trees. Go to…

From  Elizabeth Brock on November 5th, 2020 0  

Thinning off Peaches

OSU Extension Pecan and Grape Specialist, Becky Carroll, is in the orchard to thin the fruit off our peach trees to ensure of big juicy peaches in the future. For more information about proper care…

From  Elizabeth Brock on May 8th, 2020 0  

Maintaining your Containers

In this episode of Oklahoma Gardening, Host Casey Hentges gets our containers and elevated beds cleaned out and ready for spring planting. To check your local weather and other weather statistics in…

From  Elizabeth Brock on April 17th, 2020 0